Native American Global Trade Center (NAGTC)

The NCAIED is leading the way in advancing global opportunities for Indian Country through its Native American Global Trade Center 


The National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development’s (NCAIED) Native American Global Trade Center (NAGTC) is a consortium of top-level business visionaries and innovators who are furthering economic development and creating sustainable economic opportunities for American Indian communities and American Indian owned businesses – through domestic and international growth. The NAGTC is  Native American sovereignty at its highest level. The NAGTC’s mission is focused on growing the collective economic power of Tribal Nations, Alaska Native Corporations and American Indian owned businesses by facilitating a wide array of diversified multinational economic opportunities.

How The NAGTC Helps You

The NAGTC is uniquely situated and primed to assist tribes, corporations and small businesses to thrive and compete in a globalized economy by including international expansion as a critical component to the overall growth strategy of Indian Country. “Today when we seek to grow business in Indian Country, we need to look at opportunities both domestically, as well as in the international market place. The NAGTC is leading the way and doing that work for Indian Country.” states Gary Davis, President and CEO of the NCAIED. Indeed, the NAGTC is facilitating the development of a variety of global relationships to grow tribal economies. The NAGTC is additionally assisting tribes and tribal enterprises in attracting both domestic and foreign investment.

How The NAGTC Works

The NAGTC houses three councils which function as think-tanks, consortiums and action platforms for members of the NAGTC to consolidate their economic power and work collaboratively to facilitate international trade opportunities, job creation and domestic economic development within Indian Country. The three councils of the NAGTC are:

The Global Business Council

The Global Agricultural Council

The Global Natural Resources Council

Throughout the year the NAGTC is advancing global business development and building multinational relationships via its National and Regional Reservation Economic Summits, held across the United States, in order to sustain the momentum of the NAGTC.

The NAGTC is currently funded through sponsorship support from the United Parcel Service (UPS) Foundation.

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